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Welcome To India Investment Strategy.

India is having population more than 135 Crore as on today. This is second largest population country and having better consumption base than any country. In India there is more scope of many retail industries that include FMCG, E-commerce Delivery, Mobile applications, Food processing online, Automobiles and other sectors as well. There is huge demand of many products in India. And We are currently importing many items from other coutnries like China, USA, UK etc. So from that point of view India has more resources & as well consumption base than any other country.

India Investment strategy can be planned in a manner from that can generate good ROI on investement.

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How Can We Help You ?

Business Setup In India

Company Formation License Registration

Foreign Investment Approvals

FDI RBI Approvals ROC Compliances

Overseas Accounting Services

Accounts Management Transaction Consultation

Transfer Pricing

TP Consulting and Audit Process
03. Evolution


In India, Startup Evolution has come. Many Startups has lauched in last 4-5 years. In various areas startups have lauched to grasp online market share and to get multi million users on their tech platforms. We are handing all startup solutions that includes Registration process to startp funding process. Read below more about our Startup Solutions. How we are delievering solutions to startups for their companies.

04. Implementation Roadmap

IFRS/INDAS Implementation Sheet

In India, Convertered Version of IFRS has been implemented for company financial statements preparation.
The Road for implementation has been decided as below.

Voluntary Phase for all Companies
1st April 2015
Mandatory Phase-1 For Listed Co., Unlisted Co.- Networth >Rs. 500 Crore, Parent & Subsidary Co.
1st April 2016
Mandatory Phase-II All Listed Co. except listed on SME Exchange, Unlisted Co. - Networth > Rs. 250 Crore, Parent & Subsidiary Co.
1st April 2017
Mandatory Phase-III, For NBFC (listed or Unlisted) - Networth > Rs. 500 Crore, Parent & Subsidiary Co.
1st April 2018
Mandatory Phase-IV. All NBFC listed, Networth < Rs. 500 Crore, NBFC Unlisted Networth > 250 Crore but <Rs. 500 Crore, Parent & Subsidary
1st April 2019
Mandatory Phase-VI For all Insurance Co. (Comparatives), Holding & Subsidiary Co., For Individual & Consolidated Financial Statements.
1st April 2021
05. Network

Growing Global
Growing Network

Lukesh Sethi & Associates is professional network CA firm consisting of many professionals CA , CS and Advocates and other professionals. Our Clients are part of our networking team. They understand us and recommend us to achieve organisation goal.


07. Team

Team & Advisors

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, the nonprofit Lymcoin expands access to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential.

CA Lukesh Sethi

Owner & Founder

Neha Sethi

Operation Head

CS Tarun Grover

Company Secretary
08. Market

Market Overview

09. Relief & Schemes

Company Fresh Start Scheme
A Chance to Revive Defaulting Company

If You have Companies, For which you have not filed Annual Returns and facing heavy penalites, Get File All your overdue & pending Returns and Get Revive Your company.

Company Fresh Start SchemeRead NowApply Now
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Some Important Links

Some Important link. Click on link to know more.

11. Refund Status

Know Your Income Tax Refund Status

Get Status of your Income Tax Refund Status for any financial year by entering your PAN and Assessment Year details.

11. Registration Status

Know Your GST Registration Status

Get Status of Your GST Registration Status by entering ARN No. Get Your ARN from your consultant or you might have received on your registered email id or mobile no.

12. Useful Blogs

Latest Blog

Some Blogs & Articles for You

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Company Fresh Start Scheme 2020.
Company Fresh Start Scheme 2020 In amid of COVID-19, Central Government and Ministry of Corporate affairs has given big relief to all defaulting companies and given a chance to correct their default by filing pending annual returns and financial statements with ROC without Any Additional Fees. This Scheme is called…
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