Why Investment in India Safe & Secure ? & How ?

This Question is very curious & very important for all Foreign Investors and even Indian citizen & Indian NRIs as well.

Whether anyone should invest in India ?

The answer is Yes. But Why ?

From Economic point of View.

India is a growing country and is in its development stage. There are many cities in India which is being developed by Indian government that includes Indore, Hyderabad, Telangana, Gurgaon, Bhiwadi, Noida.

India has very stringent policies on many aspects. One is of from Banking and Loan perspective. India has great reserve of forex and deposits that is main backbone of India. And India Fiscal Deficit has also come down from last 10 years.

Availability of Resources & Infrastructure

India is land of resources. In India, you get full resources at reasonable rates like skilled, unskilled labours, graduate staff.

For any Business we need four resources : MEN, MONEY, MACHINE, MATERIAL. In India, you can get all four resources easily if you have some margin capital.

There are various MSME Schemes running India through which you can get Bank Loan for your business like MSME Loan upto Rs. 2 Crore without Collateral and there are also many MSME Incentive schemes.

For small businesses, there are MSME Mudra Yojna loan scheme is also available in which you can get funding of Rs. 5 lack.

Government Policies Implementation

Indian Government towards policies and decision implementation process attract India for Investment as well. As we have seen in past year government has implemented new policies effectively like Demonetisation Implementation, GST Implementation and India Lockdown Implementation to save country from COVID-19.

Due to lockdown implementation, Today India has lesser number of cases infected with COVID-19. Till now India has only 1200-1300 cases of COVID-19 while all other countries have cases more than 10000 in each country itself.

Safe & Secure Instruments for Investment.

India has safe & secure instruments for investment as well that can be good instrument for your emergency funds.

  1. Fixed Deposits
  2. Bank Deposits
  3. LIC Bonds
  4. Mutual Funds
  5. Post Office Schemes
  6. Public Provident Funds
  7. National Pension Schemes

These instruments are safe and secure & also give better Rate of returns according to risk factors. On Some instruments you can get bank loans as well.

India has its own growth story. We know it very well. Since Independence of Country, India has seen many phases and many changes. Whether it is technological advancement, infrastructure development, population control development or startup evolution.

In Today as well, there are many startups that are from India and doing well globally as well like OLA CABS, OYO ROOMS, PAYTM, POLICY BAZAAR, and many more tech startups.

Even India has its on startup fund of Rs. 10000 crore which is established for Indian startups funding on eligibility basis & there is Startup Angel Tax exemption in funding tax as well.

So From above all point of view, we can say that India is still safer & secure country to Invest.

What do you Say ? Hoping for more views.


CA Lukesh Sethi

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